1 in every 15 people in the United States and 1 in every 4 people above the age of 55 become victim to identity fraud. In fact, every 2 seconds, 1 person joins the numbers. In 2019, a whopping $1.9 Billion was lost by consumers. Identity theft and fraud stand at the top of the most common forms of a data breach. If you’re unlucky enough, you could easily join the statistics of victims. But must we all depend on luck? No.

There is a way to change the odds, and one of them is to use identity theft services. These protect and monitor your information; stopping cunning culprits before they can do damage. Here are some of them:

Experian IdentityWorks

Experian IdentityWorks is considered by reviews to have the best credit monitoring features. It offers identity theft monitoring and alerts, as well as dark web surveillance. It’s affiliated with the 3 major bureaus. This identity theft service ensures fraud resolution support for up to $500,000 and guarantees an identity theft insurance worth $1 Million. It’s actually a firm of Experian, a multinational credit report bureau based in Ireland.

Experian IdentityWorks can send you daily updates on your credit report, which allows you to gain a better insight into the current status of your credit. These alerts include the following:

  • When sex offenders enter your community
  • Monitoring results for fraudulent social media accounts
  • Applications in your name from lenders

Credit Sesame

If you want your credit score safe without shelling out a lot of money, you might want to try something free! Credit Sesame is an identity theft service that offers free credit reporting. You can monitor your credit score without a credit card, or commitment to the service. By using this feature, you get to perform a credit check, monitor your credit score, and save money at the same time.

Credit Sesame also has a credit card recommendation system that helps you choose the best credit card out there. It can even find the best loan offers by thorough credit and debt analysis. Using this service is like having a personal credit adviser.

Signing up allows them their system to gather, store, and protect vital information to characterize your credit profile. Based on this, it scours financial packages from major lenders and banks to determine the best one that matches your needs through its recommendation engine. The best part is that the recommendations are as fluid as your credit; meaning, your choices can change depending on new updates from your credit information.

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What if you have children or young ones whose credit and financial standing you want to protect? IdentityForce has the best child ID protection features. It’s actually one of the more affordable ID protection services in the market. It’s also affiliated with 3 major bureaus. Some of its features are credit improvement simulation, identity recovery assistance, and identity theft insurance of up to $1 Million.

Identity force has a proactive identity theft protection technology that constantly monitors your identity, privacy, and credit. It gives you the power to control these by protecting your keystrokes, PIN, credit card information. Here some of its other features:

  • 2-step authentication upon sign-in
  • Reports from all 3 credit bureaus
  • Real-time alerts for possible identity fraud

In order for you to stay organized and monitor your information better, Stellar services are among the most affordable in the best identity theft services.

Your identity is important. It is an indispensable aspect of modern life that influences your credit, financial standing, and lifestyle. By investing in identity theft services, you invest in your future as well as that of your family and loved ones.