What are the benefits of having a strong FICO SCORE?

What is a FICO score? It is a numerically simplified summary of your credit card report that was introduced by the fair Isaac Corporation in 1989. It is used by 90% of lenders in United States as a standard to determine the likelihood of a debtor repaying a loan. Your FICO score not only determines […]

How are FICO scores calculated?

FICO scores are your credit scores. They vary from person to person and can increase or decrease weekly, depending on a variety of different factors. Here is a brief outline of how your credit score is calculated. Factors of Your Credit Score There are five main sections that all calculated together to give you a […]

What is considered a good FICO score?

If you don’t know any better, your credit score can seem like a completely random combination of numbers that makes no sense and has no real connection to your financial reality. However, that statement couldn’t be farther from the truth. Your credit score is exceptionally important and can have a huge impact on your financial […]